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      We successfully taught and accomplished the training according to the following procedure with 40 trainees. In stead of just input, we applied open participating and discussion style in the learning environment. To the effectiveness of learning, professionals from different areas of work field came to participate in teaching.  All the needed appliances like; Mechanical tools, domestic furniture, computers and other necessary things are provided by donors and trainees.

      We included not only regular learning sessions, but also part-time sessions. We let the trainees participated to illustrate their achievements, efforts and discoveries in demonstration. At the first we thought, we might face some difficulties in case of different range of fields in age, professional, job and skill. But by their zeal, curiosity and eagerness we could easily accomplished the program.
      Before the training, we let all the trainees participated in the project heading “Translation of Computer Usage words”. The purpose is to enable all the people translate the essential words of computer by group discussion and participation. We intended the above translation to use also in GNU/Linux and open source software.
      All the translation of the project will be donated to (Myanmar NLP), “Myanmar Natural Language Processing. Afterward all the written program source code will be published as GPL (General Public License) to enable people use freely. By doing this, different people from different field, language will be profited as freedom of use, edit, modification and even distribution. Then, the chosen translated words 2000+ will be forwarded to Myanmar NLP for edition.
      We will continue to back up those who accomplished the basic level to Open Source field. All the graduate will meet about once a month for technical discussion and exchange ideas. There will be advanced training for those who finished the basic level. Also basic level training will also be continued. To say in brief, since our vision on creating website and basic open source technical training come to fulfill in a short term period, we are looking for extending the program’s quantity in the future.


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